Travelling Exhibition (Nov 23rd – Dec 16th 2018)

Contemporary Swords and Artworks
- Ancient Techniques Through the Generations -

Exhibition Overview

 The core method of making Japanese swords was established more than one thousand years ago. Since that time, its traditional techniques have been handed down over countless generations and are still in practice. To this day, there are many passionate swordsmiths and craftsmen all over japan.

 The Authorized Organization for Protection and Nihon Bijutsu Touken Hozon Kyoukai (NBTHK) host an annual contest in Tokyo with the aim of helping these smiths improve their skills and of raising awareness of Japanese swords.

 In this exhibition, we display the award winning swords and artworks from this year’s contest, as well as other excellent pieces. Please enjoy the sophisticated craftsmanship of the smiths and the beautiful contemporary swords and works of art.

[Hours of Operation]
10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. (admission until 5:30 p.m.)
1Closed on November 26, December 3,10

[Admission Fee]
General ¥1,000
High school students ¥500
Children under15 free
Groups(20 people or more) ¥800

"※This is a travelling exhibition among The Japanese Sword Museum (Tokyo), CHIDO Museum (Yamagata), and this museum, MORI SHUSUI MUSEUM OF ART (Toyama.)